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Neighbourhoods not created equal at tax time

Recently, average tax increases for St. Albert neighbourhoods were released by the city. For those folks who thought their taxes might go down, don't hold your breath.

Members have own views

Further to the letter to the editor from Frank Murphy, a zone director of the Alberta Beef Producers, I am writing to clarify that the views expressed in that letter were the personal views of Murphy and not those of the board of directors of Alberta

Plenty of sources to explore

In response to Dan Garsonnin’s letter regarding my questioning of the so-called global warming hyped by Dave Lloyd, I am happy to provide three very credible references for him to check out.

Time to sit down for local content

Ah, television — life seemed simpler a few decades ago when there were only three channels to choose from. The CBC, created to keep Canadians informed, CFRN (CTV) offering us a different, local perspective and then the French channel.

Timers needed at camera crosswalks

I am a St. Albert resident and I was reading about the speed on green cameras the city wants to put in place. I would just like to say that I am not against speed on green cameras if they put timers on the crosswalk signals.

Prime minister playing games with jobs

About six months ago, Stephen Harper asked for our votes. He said the economy is fine and we should invest in the stock market. He played poker with the Canadian economy and our jobs in order to bluff his way to government.

Council should tackle driver safety

Coun. Len Bracko, you lost my vote! “Municipalities are wasting money on bylaws,” you stated, making a good, intelligent point.

Liberals share deficit blame

If Michael Ignatieff wants to rattle sabres with the Conservatives and threaten to take the country into another election, Employment Insurance (EI) is not the issue on which to make his stand, especially in light of new deficit figures released by t

No bylaw means no cash

I am amazed that Coun. James Burrows is not astute enough to realize that if you don't break the law, there will be no cash. Eric Pedersen, St. Albert

Mark patriotism with an X

Edmonton-St. Albert member of Parliament Brent Rathgeber and fellow Conservative MP for Edmonton-Sherwood Park Tim Uppal would have us believe the riding that displays the most tiny Canadian flags qualifies as the most patriotic.