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Potters sale a success

The St. Albert Potters' Guild members would like to thank the public for supporting our recent spring sale. The proceeds from the " soup bowl," $407, went to the St. Albert Food Bank. We also collected $596 from our platter sales.

No need for another wheat board audit

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz is sanctimoniously outraged over the fact the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) reported a miniscule loss in their contingency fund due to the global market meltdown. Of the record $8.

Health Monitor

Product warning An unauthorized health product found on the Canadian market contains a chemical with no therapeutic use that can cause serious health problems.

Smokers need to obey the law

Why is smoking outside of buildings still an issue? There are smokers, there are non-smokers, and then there are anti-smokers. I admit I fall into the latter category.

Superboard hurting health care

It’s been nine months since the provincial government surprised Albertans by dropping Alberta Health Services into their lives in place of the regional health authorities, yet the “superboard” has yet to do anything for Albertans be

Show some respect during anthem

Re: Show pride, stand and sing, Gazette, Wednesday, April 29. I would like to add to Irene Harvey’s comments about singing the Canadian anthem. If you can’t sing it, at least stand and remove your cap.

Recognizing top citizens helps build community

What’s more satisfying than watching things grow? Four years ago the city planted the seeds of a tribute for one of St. Albert’s most recognized citizens, Lois Hole.

Health Monitor

Underdeveloped countries where rice is a fundamental food staple could soon see some extra nutrients added to their crop.

Nuclear consultation process biased

The province of Alberta has begun its nuclear consultation process. Sadly Albertans’ input will only be considered until June 1 via a workbook and survey found at 310-0000 then 780-427-0265 or

Wheat in different provinces hard to compare

Would wheat acreage in Western Canada really soar if there were an open market for Prairie wheat? The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA) says so, and points to Ontario as evidence.