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Underdeveloped countries where rice is a fundamental food staple could soon see some extra nutrients added to their crop.

Nuclear consultation process biased

The province of Alberta has begun its nuclear consultation process. Sadly Albertans’ input will only be considered until June 1 via a workbook and survey found at 310-0000 then 780-427-0265 or

Wheat in different provinces hard to compare

Would wheat acreage in Western Canada really soar if there were an open market for Prairie wheat? The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA) says so, and points to Ontario as evidence.

The cost of federal stupidity

I think I have finally become an Albertan. Ottawa was my birthplace and I grew up with an inborn genetic predisposition to cheer for the Ottawa Roughriders. My heroes were federal political leaders.

Students get too much sex-ed exposure

Sex sells — get it? Your editorial proclaims that sex education does not increase interest in sexuality among youth and that this has been “proven” beyond doubt. I have never read this study “proving” such a thing.

There is no authority on climate change

David Lloyd’s recent article on climate change is just a bunch of nonsense. Who made him an authority on climate? ‘Cause he’s a musician and used to live here? Give me a break. The world has been warming since the last ice age.

No need for nuclear power

Congratulations to Elena Shacherl for correcting some of the incomplete and faulty information in the biased nuclear panel's report, as referred to May 2.

Climate assertions are false

In his commentary column on climate change, Dave Lloyd makes several assertions that are outright false.

Bike racks benefit commuters

This is in response to Lexi Pendzich's letter to the editor in the Wednesday, May 13 edition of the St. Albert Gazette. I fully agree. Bike racks should be put on all St. Albert Transit (StAT) buses.

MS Walk hard on the heart strings

I walked on Sunday April 26 at the MS Walk in St. Albert. I just wanted to say thanks to the participants who came out to support all of us with MS. We had a great day.