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Politicians should heed Vinegar Joe and own up to bungles

April was a cruel month for a couple of politicians whose underlings were involved in photographic endeavours. Late in the month a kerfuffle arose over a snapshot in Alberta’s recent high-profile ad campaign to promote the province.

Time to clean up cigarette butts

That first sunny warm Saturday in May, I had the pleasure of taking my young daughters to join our community for spring clean-up. We chipped in for the first time last spring and it felt so good we just had to participate again.

Province ignoring beef producers

When an MLA is elected, whether by as little as one vote, the majority of voters in their constituency have democratically elected them as their next representative.

County needs full-time fire service

Sturgeon County can no longer rely on the availability of a volunteer fire service — it’s time for the county to recruit, equip and train a full-time professional firefighting department.

Government kept protesters at bay

I have no words to describe the utter feeling of shame that I felt for the Alberta government as I attended the health care rally in front of the legislature building on Saturday afternoon.

Capping property taxes short-sighted

Experience has conditioned St. Albert homeowners to have their wallets handy when property tax notices are mailed in the spring. Over the past five years the municipal portion of tax bills has increased by 2.9, 5.1, 5.9, 6.