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Stop vaping

Smoking cigarettes and the legalization of pot consumption in Canada on Oct. 17 are bad enough – just ask Alberta Health Services. We all know the drill, and the risks, some of which are deadly.

Mayor’s rap rosy

In a speech, light on specifics, St. Albert’s mayor painted a rosy picture for city residents in her State of the City address at the Enjoy Centre on Wednesday.

Building communities

St. Albert is a small city, a prosperous, progressive place with small-town values and a great sense of community. You know your neighbours and they know you, and both of you know “that guy from across town.

Canada Post in decline

The threat of a postal strike used to cause great upset among Canadians, including St. Albertans who relied on “snail mail” to pay their bills and keep in touch with family and friends through letters and postcards.

Tax avoidance folly

Average working people have very little control over how changes to government tax rules impact their salaries.

Off the rails

A half-a-million-dollar funding announcement for St. Albert is raising a few eyebrows and is now the focus of debate about the need for a rail-fence project in the community.

No one left behind

Temperatures around these parts are, unfortunately, starting to drop. Winter is just around the corner. The Farmers’ Almanac’s winter forecast for the Prairies is calling for bone-chilling cold and a long winter. So the people of St.

Pipe dream Notley’s nightmare

It wasn’t the news Premier Rachel Notley wanted or needed to hear with a provincial election less than 12 months away.

Now, not later

St. Albert’s city council did the oddest thing on Monday – it voted unanimously to extend the long-term facility plan’s deadline by three years.

By the numbers

St. Albertans have reason to boast following another jump in the city’s population. According to initial results of the 2018 Municipal Census, the number of people who call St.