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Alberta ATV Salvage & Repair Revs Up this Summer

Affordability is paramount during COVID when people are short on work but long on time, and want to fill their days with safe, outdoor activities.

He’s a Can-Am certified technician but with a soft spot for his hometown and a passion to help everyone enjoy the recreational vehicle lifestyle, Vern Pierce came home to St. Albert to open Alberta ATV Salvage & Repair. For Vern, it’s about providing top quality service at an affordable price, while living in, and giving back, to the community he calls home.

“Alberta ATV Salvage & Repair is for all types of quads, side by sides, Ski-Doo, etc. We also do small engine repair,” says Vern. “The shop stocks products such as shirts, helmets, performance parts, tires, motors, and gear boxes for Can-Am. You can also rent a kayak or paddleboard from our location, for just $30 for 4 hours or $50 for the day.”

It all started in Elk Point five years ago where Vern lived and worked. Over time he had a growing desire to start a company that would better provide the top notch service at affordable rates he felt customers needed. His brother, who was in St. Albert where they had been raised, wanted to start a business with him. So, Vern moved back home and together they opened Alberta ATV Salvage & Repair.

He’s thrilled to be doing what he loves, in the place he loves.

“I’ve been doing this since I was 12,” he notes. “I got my dirt bike out of the bush and rebuilt it, saving up for parts. You start on chain saws, whipper snippers – I was always tinkering with something. Now it’s a career.”

He and his brother are five years into the business and just now building a website.

“It’s going to be easier with the site,” he admits, “because I don’t run a salvage yard. I bring things in, clean them up, and ship them worldwide. I could work anywhere but I want to support local. My dream was always to open something in St. Albert because I grew up here.”

He’s firm about the $95/hour rate.

“When I started at Can-Am they charged $97/hour,” he reminisces. “When their rates started going up, I decided in my shop it would always be $95/hour. People should be able to afford their hobbies.”

Affordability is paramount during COVID when people are short on work but long on time, and want to fill their days with safe, outdoor activities.

“We’ve been way busier during COVID!” Vern admits. “There is a huge market for recreational vehicles and dealerships are sold out. It’s just me and my brother in the shop right now so we just work hard. We work long days and late nights. We put in the hours and come in on Sundays to do inventory so we can start the week caught up. It takes time but I’m building and working as I go.”

The growth of the business means its time to expand. Vern and his brother are looking for an ATV mechanic with Can-Am experience to join the team.

Salvaged and repaired ATVs and other recreational vehicles are a great way to affordably indulge in, or start, a new and exciting hobby. When you live in or around St. Albert and have access to top quality repaired ATVs, kayak and paddleboard rentals, access to one of the lowest shop rates in town, and local company owners that are wildly passionate about what they do, you have every reason to visit Alberta ATV Salvage and Repair this summer. They’ll get your motor running.