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Come Home to Botanica

Time is running out to get your own penthouse suite in Botanica. The condo residence is quickly selling out, and it’s easy to see why. Botanica is about luxury living in the most convenient location. Let’s take a closer look at what you can experience when you own a penthouse in Botanica.
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What does “home” mean to you? Now, with Albertans spending more time living, working, and interacting from their dwellings, “home” has taken on a whole new meaning. At Botanica, St. Albert’s exclusive condo residence, every care has been exceeded to ensure each resident always feels right at home.

Botanica is about luxury living in the most convenient location. Let’s take a closer look at what you can experience when a penthouse becomes your dream home with the convenience of maintenance-free condo living.

Botanica was purpose-built to blend into, not take over, the natural landscape. Every facet of the design is inspired by and honours nature. This is not just for aesthetics – it’s also for your health.

To start, the steel and concrete construction means this is a building that is designed to last and the structure is very fire resistant. Next, the air intake ensures pure, fresh air in each suite. It is not recirculated air. This means airborne pathogens that could be in one unit are not shared through the building’s vents.

The location, and inclusion of natural plants, shrubs, and grasses on the grounds, keeps you in touch with nature. Views of the Sturgeon River Valley and walking access to winding trails are just outside the doors.

On the other side, you have the utmost convenience! Botanica is conveniently located next to the Shops at Boudreau, giving you walking access to an Italian Market, dining, boutique shops, and even professional services. Whether you need a dental checkup, a coffee with a friend, or charcuterie fixings, it’s all just steps away.

Penthouse living in Botanica offers more; good fiscal management. Every resident gets to enjoy low condo fees. Attention to the reserve fund & budget is also top of mind for the property owners and managers. For those new to condo living, the reserve fund is the property’s emergency and capital maintenance fund. A poorly managed or underfunded reserve puts the onus on the residents when something goes wrong. The Botanica condo board association ensures the reserve fund & budget are extremely well managed and adheres to the new laws around reserve funds.

At Botanica, the emphasis is always on making you feel safe and secure at home, from what you see (grounds, view, beautiful common areas), to what you don’t see (concrete and steel construction, fresh air intake, soundproofing). Now, for a limited time, you can feel even more at home with $5,000 towards penthouse suite customizations. This offer is for new residents and conditions apply. Contact Botanica for full details.

Are you ready for penthouse living? Explore Botanica today – but act now! Botanica is 96% sold out. Currently there are a handful of penthouses available, most with immediate possession. Three penthouses have been left unfinished so they can be completed in your style. Penthouses range from $678,156 to $2,530,676 plus GST and come in a variety of layouts on floors 9 and 10. And don’t forget, for a limited time, as a new buyer you can receive $5,000 worth of customizations, all co-ordinated by the caring team at Botanica.

What does home mean to you? If it means the utmost convenience without sacrificing luxury in St. Albert’s most desirable condo residence, if it means living a life inspired by nature, if it means feeling safe and secure, then home means Botanica. Visit today to learn more.