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Erin Ridge Vision Care Opens in St. Albert

As the new Erin Ridge location gets underway, Dr. Gill and his team are looking forward to meeting the community and helping with your vision needs.

Dr. Raminder Gill began working at Spruce Grove Vision Care in 2009 and became an owner in 2015. Since then, he has grown the practice substantially thanks to his customer-first approach and constant drive to create an outstanding place to work for his staff. Now he brings this winning formula to St. Albert, and opened Erin Ridge Vision Care on August 18.

His guiding principle for his practice is to always be a, “clinic you can trust in with good prices for high-quality products.” Dr. Gill also embraces the technology that empowers his staff and brings greater convenience, service and results to patients.

“We use the highest quality of lenses and progressives,” says Dr. Gill. “We use the latest technology because we want to make sure the patient is happy and has excellent vision all of the time. We offer designer frames at great prices so we can be affordable for our patients. Everyone can find a stylish option within their budget.”

Erin Ridge Vision Care also leverages AVA™ refraction technology. Where a typical prescription can determine your vision needs down to a percentage, the AVA™ can determine down to a fraction of a percentage.

Dr. Gill is also one of the first optometrists to offer patients an effective new treatment for dry eye symptoms. This non-invasive and painless treatment results in a significant decrease of uncomfortable dry eye signs including stinging, burning, blurred vision or dry and itchy eyes. The IRPL (intense regulated pulse light therapy) is a new innovative treatment to help people with meibomian gland dysfunction.

However, it’s not just the technology and products that matter to Dr. Gill. He is first and foremost invested in his team and in his patients.

“I am always trying to keep that family feel,” says Dr. Gill. “I am a firm believer in my staff. I want the people with me to benefit from the growth as well and capture the same energy in we have in Spruce Grove in our new location in Erin Ridge.”

He continues, “A lot of optometry has gone to a big box or shareholder setting, but with a large corporation, that family feel may not be there. I want to be different. Come in and ask questions – feel like you are talking to a friend or someone you trust. We will always do what is best for our patients so we never feel like have to push products or service to meet quotas that are out of our control.”

Everyone at Vision Care takes the time necessary to do their jobs right, and have at times even caught issues on eye scans that led to life saving treatment for more complicated conditions. For Dr. Gill, helping people like this, or with more routine services and checkups, is what makes his day.

In fact, helping people is why Dr. Gill choose optometry in the first place. His desire to help extends beyond his Vision Care locations and into the community.

“We donate to the Food Bank in Spruce Grove every year along with side projects. We handed out free bottled water during the heat wave,” he explains. “We also supported various organizations during COVID.”

As the new Erin Ridge location gets underway, Dr. Gill and his team are looking forward to meeting the community and helping with your vision needs.

“I’m thankful to the Spruce Grove team, my wife, children, and the community in general – everyone that helped me get here. We are excited for this new chapter,” he concludes. “I’m hoping for more locations if Erin Ridge takes off! If I can expand and give someone an opportunity to expand with me in the right way, teach or tutor some people to grow with me, I will have achieved my goals. I want to expand but always in a way where people are succeeding with me.”

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