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Experience the Difference at Connelly-McKinley Funeral Home

For over 100 years Connelly-McKinley has been honoured to serve families in St. Albert and the surrounding communities. There have been many changes over all of these years and the Connelly family has been a leader in responding and affecting change.

We have always been family oriented. It has always been families first. Take a tour of new facility.

These past two years have been a challenge for all of us, but most especially to families that have experienced a death during this time. Covid-19 has taught all of us great lessons in loss and honouring legacy.

People have recognized the importance of that final goodbye; that place in time to hold in the highest regard those who have passed and what they brought to us in life. Many who could not have services are arranging for them now, feeling that something just wasn’t complete and were left yearning.

We looked at how we could serve our community better and offer service options that are more in alignment with how people want to honour their loved ones today and in the future.

In our endeavor to ensure every family receives the best of us and all that we can do for them, without exception, we decided to take this time to really define and enhance the experience families receive. 

It is our intention that any family walking through our doors will feel confident in decisions they make and secure that everything will be as perfect as they pay tribute to the cherished memories of their loved one

Our staff are fully dedicated to each family and when our phone rings, everyone is invested in the experience the family will receive. We back that with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

It is critical to us that everyone feels heard, that we will take the time to understand the story of their loved one, and help to create a gathering that reflects that life and will give the family peace of heart.

Although we serve many people who choose traditional burials or full services prior to cremation, families are instilling more personalization into services and ensuring that those very special lives are honoured appropriately.

We knew we had to ensure that our facilities would reflect these needs and that our offerings were in alignment with the discerning family of today.

Starting with the actual framework of our building and how it functions for families, we commenced on renovating and providing many different types of spaces so every family can feel comfortable to have a gathering, whether it is large, private and intimate, or a grand reception celebrating the life that was lived.

We have added our Room of Reflection that allows families to say a private goodbye and/or have a small service.   This is one option that has gained great popularity, especially when families are small but still want to have some kind of service and has served us well through all the restrictions of the past 2 years.

We have taken all the pews out of our main room and replaced them with comfortable chair seating.  Chairs can be added or taken out to meet the needs of each family, making service gatherings more flexible.

Our reception centre has hosted many Celebrations of Life with customized menu options, meeting the palate and food considerations of everyone.

All our rooms are comfortable and flexible, designed to be used for formal or casual events so that families can have the service and fellowship gathering all at one location.

We have created easy to understand plans with an emphasis on value for both burial and cremation so that the decision making process is uncomplicated and less stressful.

Many options are now complimentary such as our livestreaming of events, Life Tribute Slide Shows, Memorial Candles, and Commemorative Bookmarks.

We invite everyone to view our facility and what we offer by visiting our website and taking the St. Albert Funeral Home Tour.

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If you want a private tour or more information, call Marq at 780-590-0626
Experience the Difference.
9 Muir Drive, St. Albert
(St. Albert Trail & St. Vital Avenue)

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