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How Christina Finlayson and Home Depot build strong relationships in St. Albert

Christina Finlayson is celebrating a 20-year career with The Home Depot in St. Albert
Christina Finlayson photo

Although The Home Depot has been around since the late 70s, boasts more than 160,000 products in its inventory, and has more than 2,200 locations across three countries, each location adheres to the original founders’ “customers’ bill of rights” that gives every patron the best assortment of quality products sold by associates that passionately care about their customers’ needs. It was this philosophy that made Christina Finlayson fall in love with The Home Depot experience.

“I started with The Home Depot as a part-time cashier, quickly learned how amazing the company was, and started building my career,” says Finlayson. “Now, 20 years later here I am running my own store!”

As part of the longstanding tradition of excellence The Home Depot is known for, Christina is proud to help men and women, youth and adults, find what they need in her store to complete their building projects.

“Nobody beats our prices – guaranteed,” she says firmly. “We deliver products, convenience, savings and services pros need to grow their business; and whether it is a DIY project for homeowners or something we do it for you, our results are guaranteed. We are the consumers’ destination of choice. Our authorized Home Depot Installers are specialists in their fields. You know you will always receive outstanding service and workmanship from the name you trust for quality.”

This year Christina celebrated a 20-year career with The Home Depot, and 14 years of helping St. Albert businesses, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts with their project needs. However, the St. Albert location believes in more than outstanding customer service. Giving back to the community is equally important to Christina and her team.

“At the St. Albert Home Depot, we believe that good neighbors make great neighborhoods. We are dedicated to sharing our time, knowledge and resources to continue to build strong relationships within our communities,” she confirms.

As a successful female entrepreneur in the building industry, Christina has some wise advice for other women looking to branch out in their careers: “Be assertive! Get outside your comfort zone and do not be afraid to try new things or speak up. Believe in yourself…you can do it!”

Visit Christina and her team at 750 St. Albert Trail, and learn more about The Home Depot at

This Content is made possible by our Sponsor; it is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.