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Sparklean DKI™ - The Restoration Team that Gets Things Back to Normal Faster

Sparklean provides 24-hour emergency response as well as planned remediation for flood, fire, content cleaning solutions, mould, and asbestos.

Things happen when you least expected it, especially disasters like fires, floods, and damaging windstorms. For more than 25 years, Sparklean, part of the DKI™ network, has been providing prompt, efficient restoration services to St. Albert and area homes and businesses. With this experienced team, property owners can put the crisis behind them and get back to normal operations faster.

The company was launched by Mike Howes, a visionary that knew investing in talent and technology was the way to set Sparklean apart.

Some of this technology includes ultrasonics, a method that uses vibration to clean delicate items such as silk plants, toys, and electronics. In the past, cleaning such items to be free of soot, ash, or biowaste was time consuming and costly. Now, thanks to technology, delicate items can be cleaned, and home and business owners can reclaim the things most precious to them.

Another investment made by Sparklean was a seven foot tall, eight foot wide Esporta laundry machine. This behemoth has the capacity to remediate up to 160 pounds of laundry in one go. It’s tough enough to clean leather and gentle enough for that vintage wedding dress you thought was a lost cause. With the addition of Esporta, Sparklean can salvage 85 per cent of items contaminated by flooding or sewer backup.

Wet cleaning is not the only thing they have a handle on. Sparklean also has the technology to efficiently heat the moisture out flood-soaked items. After a flood it used to be necessary to throw out all the soaked carpet and drywall but thanks to Sparklean’s heat trailer, items that are wet but not contaminated can be dried out in as little as 48 hours. This is great news for your favourite couch and that imported rug.

With an expert team that receives ongoing training, continual investment in restoration technology, and outstanding customer service, it’s easy to see why Sparklean grew so quickly. After outgrowing its initial location, the company moved to a larger facility in St. Albert and expanded to work in the private, pubic, and insurance sectors. In fact, many local insurance adjusters have Sparklean on speed dial since they know they can depend on fast and effective restoration for their customers.

Today a new type of crisis has hit home. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing mayhem, but that doesn’t stop the other disasters of flooding, sewer backup, fires, and windstorms from occurring. Sparklean, an essential service, continues to remain open and fully operational. Staff are equipped with PPE for everyone’s safety and distancing measures are in place in the office and on site visits.

Mike considers Sparklean to be a family business, and not just because his wife is the VP of Operations. Some of the employees work alongside their sons and daughters and everyone works together with family values and respect. They even have the best security in house. Junior the office cat derails any attempted shenanigans because it’s hard to be nefarious when you are being judged by a cat. Junior has taken over from his late predecessor, Bob, who was great at providing plenty of morale boosting purrs.

“Everyone’s home is their castle,” Mike concludes. Whether we are remediating a small patch of mould or restoring a fire-damaged luxury home, you get the same exceptional level of care. You have a choice in who restores your property. Choose the company that RESTORES. Choose Sparklean Restoration.

Sparklean provides 24-hour emergency response as well as planned remediation for flood, fire, content cleaning solutions, mould, and asbestos.  Learn more by visiting