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Climate change is not propaganda – it is a fact

I had to read Ken Allred’s column twice to make sure I was actually reading what I thought I was (St. Albert Gazette, Commentary, March 30).

The denying and questioning whether human contribution to climate change is even real is not even debatable in the scientific community. It was recently announced that close to 97 per cent of scientists link global warming directly to our industrial activities. This is not propaganda, it is a fact and for you to say that students are basically wasting their time protesting against the destruction of our ecosystem is surprising and alarming.

I applaud the initiative of these young people to try to let the world leaders know that it is their future and we need to stop screwing it up before it is too late.

I understand that Alberta’s economy is exceedingly tied to the oil and gas sector and it will be a difficult road, but if we do not start to make the change to greener sources of energy, a loss of revenue will pale in comparison to the consequences of remaining idle.

The ability and willingness to protest against injustice from our government and world leaders is essential in a democratic world and I am proud that these students refuse to play the part of the sheep and are joining together to go after the wolves. If this is the growing trend of our youth, maybe this world has a chance after all.

Instead of discouraging our youth to fight for what they believe is right, you should support and celebrate that they are at least willing to take a stand when the adults won’t listen to reason.

Shame on you, Mr. Allred!

John MacDonald, Educator, Duffield School