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Concerned about council's stance on Housing Society


Re: St. Albert Housing Society Operational Grant

We are writing because we are concerned with the stance city council has taken regarding the St. Albert Housing Society. The Society, which began in 2007, has demonstrated wise fiscal management over the years and until this past year had the financial support of council. St. Albert city council in our view must review
its stance on the provision of operational grants to the St. Albert Housing Society. The Housing Society has demonstrated over the years that money provided to it by the city has been used wisely to invest in people and property in St. Albert.

There are numerous operational models for the successful operation of a Housing Society. The city council seems to have decided that they know what is the right operational model for the Housing Society. The St. Albert Housing Society’s current operational model has proven to be successful but the city is demanding that it change. Why? Demonstrated wise fiscal management of resources over a number of years should mean something.

City property taxation of the property belonging to the Housing Society and ultimately the taxpayers of St. Albert. Why give grants and then tax them back?

Current council priorities – We see many new “traffic calming” cement curbs at intersections in many areas in St. Albert. We have heard the cost is $38,000 per installation and yet the city has “NO MONEY” to provide the Housing Society with operational funding. While the curbs may or may not be useful, perhaps the priorities are out of whack when cement installations are more important than the less fortunate in our community.
We are asking council to re-examine their priorities and their stance with the Housing Society on operational funding, taxation and people in need.
Lynne and Lou Duigou, St. Albert