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Fire chief's character beyond questioning


I am writing in response to the articles being published highlighting fire chief Bernd Gretzinger. The present “offended” movement plaguing our society is creating a negative image of many innocent people, including Mr. Gretzinger. I have known Mr. Gretzinger for many years, and know he has very high morale standards, and the fact his character is in question is appalling.

Mr. Gretzinger is a professional musician, and a fan of many great musicians, including Lenny Kravitz. In fact, Mr. Kravitz himself would be impressed with Mr. Gretzinger’s commitment as a fan. The fact that the portrayal of a professional musician was carried out by a fellow professional musician does not fall under the guise of an offensive act. This was not an attempt at racial offence, but merely a desire to portray a respected individual as close to reality as possible.

The fact that this situation has turned against Mr. Gretzinger is as close to defamation of character as I have ever seen. Someone who chose to portray a character as accurately as possible should not have their character portrayed as inaccurately as possible.

The fact that Mr. Gretzinger has taken all action to apologize to those who choose to be offended when there is no offence is another example of his high moral standards.

In my opinion, and many others who know Mr. Gretzinger, this should not reflect negatively on his ability as an employee of the City of St. Albert.

Any negative actions against this honest and sincere individual will be considered defamation of character. All those who carry out these negative actions are as equally guilty as those who choose to be offended by Mr. Gretzinger’s innocent act.

Al Ouellette, Edmonton