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Gretzinger deserves an apology


Along with other members of our community, I am astonished that CAO Kevin Scoble hung our fire chief out to dry for something as innocuous as attending a private event in a costume depicting a popular music figure – this, without the latitude for interpretation from his superiors. (Who appointed Mr. Scoble as our ‘cultural appropriations judge and moral compass', anyway?) His assumptions were not deserved by our esteemed public servant.

Talk about an affront to the chief, personally and professionally, whose intentions were certainly not meant to harm, particularly since prior to this becoming public he had apologized. He received no concession for doing so.

Furthermore, Mr. Scoble’s disciplinary action has been patronizing to the citizens of St. Albert, as well as to our reputation as an openhearted and aboveboard city. Our firefighters are our safeguards, and often our heroes. Chief Gretzinger deserves an apology.

Danielle Falardeau, Sturgeon County