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Is Jason Kenney Alberta’s Trump?

Is Jason Kenney Alberta’s Trump? His ethics are already dubious and now, it appears, the UCP’s published election platform has conveniently left out their support for private health care.  

Do you think the majority of voters realize that only very high wage earners will be able to afford the premiums? My sister and her husband (retired American citizens) pay over $1,000 per month for their health care. Their daughter, son-in-law with one child, pay over $1,300 a month.  

Kenny argues that with a two-tier health system, waiting times would be shorter. This may be true for those affluent enough to pay high insurance premiums, but since a number of our physicians would move to the private system, it would mean fewer doctors to care for those in the public system. So, faster access for those who can afford it, slower access for those who can’t. 
Voting for the UCP who want a “no waiting for the wealthy” plan is the first step to becoming like the American health-care system. It is a disaster for those without substantial means. 

I find it very troubling that Kenney chose to hide his support for private health care by leaving it out of his published election platform. I expect he did this as he knows it’s a benefit only for the affluent and is hoping the average Albertan won’t notice. I see it as a lie by omission. This is a big worry for me and should be for all Albertans who want an ethical and honest premier.  We don’t need an Alberta version of Trump. 

Barbara Edmunds, St. Albert