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Liberal spending will leave a deeper hole for our children


Personally, I am tired of Ms. Hamilton's rhetoric and her theory she knows better than the average voter about politics. Everyone who casts a vote is a worthy person and it is one of the ways we can express our satisfaction/dissatisfaction with our government. Democracy comes with a price. Perhaps she should look up the chart about equalization payments and it may shock her that Alberta has been bearing the brunt of contributing to Canadian coffers for eons – primarily to be distributed  to the province of Quebec. This is how the Liberals maintain a large hold on that province in elections. The recent surge by the Bloc Quebecois is also a testament to dissatisfaction with the Liberal government.

Perhaps she could enlighten me about the good the current federal government has done for our province with another column. It would appear she sanctions the importation of oil from countries that do not have the same values, freedoms, and beliefs that we Canadians have and it is a far better thing to import oil from those countries so Liberal entrepreneurs who have oil tankers can benefit by curtailing western growth. We do have the ability to provide that resource to all of Canada. I also believe she is naive in believing that no one wants our resources as the USA would probably welcome us as a partner – in fact, we had an American firm willing to twin the pipeline, however, our political buffoons at the federal level screwed that up in an epic manner.

We in the west have requested changes for representation for decades, however, the federal government does not want to see the west with any voting power so major political influences will remain in Ontario and Quebec – once called Upper and Lower Canada – thereby telling us the little value of Western Canada.

I do not blame Ms. Hamilton for her views as it is obvious she has attended a school of higher learning where they preach idealism rather than reality. In the words of Winston Churchill, "if you are not a liberal at twenty, you have no heart and if you are not a conservative at forty you have no brain." Spending our tax dollars in the manner the Liberal government is headed will leave an even deeper hole for the average Canadian and children that are not even born will bear that cost. I would like to know if she has the wherewithal to spend her own money freely or is she conservative with those funds?

A.I. Smith, St. Albert