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McLeod criticism of Trudeau not backed up by facts


The vitriolic diatribe ‘commentary’ by Brian McLeod in the Oct. 5 Gazette calls for a response. Mr. McLeod exhibits a strict avoidance of facts in his article and perhaps should find another venue for his fiction.

For example, he leads off his criticism with his absurd claim that Trudeau has done nothing about reducing unemployment, apparently unaware that these past four years have seen the lowest unemployment in recent decades. This record employment is a result for the most part in the fact that Trudeau and Minister Freeland have successfully renegotiated NAFTA, which saved many jobs in the steel and aluminum industry with their tough work in dealing with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Trudeau has also taken a courageous action in getting the TransMountain pipeline to the pacific coast back on track with only one more hearing before final approval so we can move Canadian oil to far east markets instead on relying totally on the U.S. market which is now producing oil surplus to their own needs for the first time in fifty years. Canadians will remember that the Harper government did nothing to improve pipeline expansion in its ten years in government.

The Liberal government has also lifted thousands of low-income Canadian children out of poverty with the child allowance system and seniors will be better off next year with the increases in seniors old age security.

And finally, our prime minister has been emphatic and vocal with his support of Canadian women in their right to control their own bodies with full access to our National Health Care Act.

Bob Russell, St. Albert
President, St. Albert/Edmonton Federal Liberal Association