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Merchants much more than a hockey team


Every baby born is a gift. To new parents, a beautiful treasure. Sometimes, baby has some concerns, some complications, and baby needs extra care in the Stollery NICU to understand the mystery of this child, to continue on.

The parents of this baby positively took responsibility, and diligently worked with the doctors and nurses, and actively cared for baby every day, leaving everyday life to care for itself. After four months of tests, operations, lessons taken in CPR, tracheostomy and g-tube care, and understanding all the machines and tubes attached, the parents were able to take baby home for Christmas, which was a hope and the goal this family worked and prayed for.

A journey like this goes beyond the family. Who would ever think that playing years of hockey in St. Albert would come to the aid in support, love, and care for this family to remain strong and tireless. When friends became aware of this family's story, many from the hockey community, a remarkable event occurred. The miraculous Merchants organized a gathering to help assist the family in caring for baby.

On Dec. 30, the St. Albert Merchants Alumni organized a shinny hockey tournament at Lacombe Park Rink, followed by a marvellous dinner event at Original Joe's. Here, family and friends, Merchants alumni and Original Joe's manager and staff, created the most beneficial, strengthening, loving experience that exceeds expressing gratitude. An atmosphere was provided for everyone, in person and in spirit, to help continue the life-giving assistance this family needs for baby. Thank you dear friends and family, for being family!

The St. Albert Merchants are far more than just a hockey team. The organization is a blessing to our community, supporting families beyond the game of hockey. To the manager and Staff at Original Joe's, you are more than just a rocking restaurant, you provide an understanding, comfortable environment. The miracle of Christmas starts with a baby, in Heaven and on earth! 2019 gave us an unforgettable December. May this new year bless you all with new life and the love of family ... and hockey!

Imelda Borodawka, Sturgeon County