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Photo radar is mainly about the money

Re: “Photo radar not a cash cow, Heron says” ( St. Albert Gazette , Feb. 23).

Re: “Photo radar not a cash cow, Heron says” (St. Albert Gazette, Feb. 23).

First of all, our mayor’s statement that photo radar is not a cash cow is somewhat contradicted by the very report spoken of in the same article that felt it significant to mention that without it our taxes would have had to be higher. I won’t argue with that, but let’s be honest, photo radar is more about a tax on speeders than actual traffic safety.

Speaking of cash cows, I suggest that the real gold mine is the dark grey minivan taking videos at stop signs.

I got a ticket for a barely perceptible rolling stop in another city, and the fine is twice that for speeding.

I live in Northridge and that dark grey minivan is often spotted on the side of Northridge Drive about 25 metres from the intersection with Giroux Road.

I still see vehicles not quite stopping at that intersection, so the city must just be raking it in. However, one thing I have never seen at that intersection is an accident caused by a not-quite-stop.

Let’s be honest. Whatever our politicians say, it’s mainly about the money.

John Kivell, St. Albert