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Students are crucial in the fight against climate change

Climate change is real, we've established this thousands of times over.

Climate change is real – we've established this thousands of times over. The new argument that has been building over the past few issues of the Gazette is what measures we should take to combat it, and who should be advocating for this change. Some people believe students should stay out of it.  

Historically, students have been as a silent population: too young to vote, own property, maybe even drive. Their designated role in society is to go to school. Therefore, when these people forgo their schooling to attend a protest, it shows how much they truly care as well as the profound effect this temperature change has.

Climate change is a concern of many students due to the effects it will have on their lives once they grow up. It will lead to changes in diet, transportation and possibly even the cities they live in. After recognising the threat this change poses, these kids are standing up for what they believe in: their future. If we wish to survive as a species we must take action against climate change.

No one else is fighting, so we will.

Audrey Johnson, student, St. Albert