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Tailgating endangers everyone on the road

I have a question for some people in St. Albert.

I have a question for some people in St. Albert.

Why do you feel the need to tailgate? Why do you feel the need to pull your car so close to the person in front of you at a stop light that they cannot even
see your headlights? Do you not realize that if you get hit from behind there is simply no way that you would not hit the car that you have decided to park so close to? I will never understand that. By parking right on someone's tail, does that get you any closer to your destination? By tailgating, do you feel somehow that you will get somewhere faster? All you are doing is endangering yourself and those around you.

With winter here now, it's even worse if you do that. Please, for the sake of all drivers, back up! And for your sake, if you value your car at all. And when someone is going the speed limit, please don't give them the finger, they are abiding by the law! There is always the option to pass safely in the next lane over. Make our roads safer for everyone, including yourself and your family.

M. Phillips, St. Albert