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Thanks to letter-writer on province's AIMCo move


Re: Joan Tod’s article, “UCP MLAs should follow the Golden Rule” (St. Albert Gazette, Your Views, Dec. 25, 2019).
Thank you, Joan, for making a common sense statement to our elected (pseudo Fascist) provincial government. If the merits of their AIMCo group are so stellar they should have no reservations in transferring their retirement savings over to this “illustrious” organization.

When many Albertans are suffering through the angst of job losses and rising user fees, it seems incredible that the government should add additional stress to its own employees by making such a move without any fiduciary proof that this is indeed a better solution. Seriously, I doubt they’re game for taking the risk, but let's hope it challenges them to come clean with audited proof that this was a responsible move and not just political manipulation of a trust.
Ivan Hall, St. Albert