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Trudeau is no friend of Alberta

Bob Russell mentions PM Trudeau “taken a courageous action” in getting TMX back on track. Mr. Russell, this will only become fact when the pipeline expansion is completed and oil is actually flowing to the west coast.

Bob Russell mentions PM Trudeau had “taken a courageous action” in getting TMX back on track. Mr. Russell, this will only become fact when the pipeline expansion is completed and oil is actually flowing to the west coast. I’m doubtful this will actually happen in this polarized political landscape currently caused by Mr. Trudeau.  

Everyday folks are rightly busy focusing their attention on family, employment, health and leisure rather than dissect the devil in the details policies and bills passed by our current Parliament. When it comes to pipelines, oil and gas, there has clearly been a motive and intent established by Justin Trudeau, long before he became an MP, Liberal Party leader, and PM, that clearly goes against his pretend support for our energy industry in Alberta.

Why do I believe PM Trudeau doesn’t support the energy sector? Perhaps it’s Mr. Trudeau’s past and current personal beliefs and actions with regards to our energy sector here in Alberta. There is a pre-politician video of Trudeau where he says he feels Canada isn’t working because “it's Albertans who control our collective socio-democratic agenda”. (YouTube: Justin Trudeau Canada belongs to Quebec).

Gerald Butts, Principal Secretary to the PM, was the former CEO of WWF Canada. Catherine McKenna’s Chief of Staff, Marlo Raynolds, was the former head of the Pembina Institute. Both Butts and Raynolds signatures are on a 2010 letter to PM Harper and POTUS Obama with emphasis opposed to the Alberta Tarsands. Folks, if you don’t believe me, just Google “Pembina, letter G20” and read the letter for yourself. Check all ENGOs and their signatories of that letter.  

Steven Guilbeault, a Trudeau Liberal candidate in the Montreal riding of Laurier-Saint Marie said during this current election campaign about Bill C69: “I think that now that we have a real evaluation and impact assessment for projects, we will come to the conclusion that many of these projects are incompatible with the goals we have for 2030.” Steven Guilbeault is a former head of Equiterre. Equiterre’s signature is also on that 2010 letter to Harper-Obama.  

Facts are, Energy East and Northern Gateway died an instant death under four years of Justin Trudeau. Trans Mountain is a death by delay pipeline which I don’t think Trudeau will lose any sleep over. Yes, he bought it. The federal government under Justin Trudeau made it impossible for Kinder Morgan to maintain any confidence that TMX would go ahead. It was death by delay. Now Kinder Morgan is spending our $4.5B on energy projects in the USA. I wonder what portfolio Steven Guilbeault will be rewarded with under a Trudeau majority, minority or coalition government?  

One only has to look at the people Trudeau has surrounded himself with to understand his meaning and intent on his policy planks. Mr Trudeau is no friend of Alberta. Folks wonder why separation is on the rise in the Prairies? That’s another topic.  

Finally, while the PM's government was declaring a climate emergency in Parliament, he was jetsetting off to attend a parade in Toronto that same day to celebrate the Toronto Raptors NBA championship. Drake flew his personal passenger liner over Nathan Phillips Square as part of the climate emergency (oops, I meant parade). As PM, Mr. Trudeau has spent Christmas 2015 in St. Kitts, 2016 in the Bahamas, 2017 in Revelstoke, B.C., and 2018 in Whistler, B.C. These are all facts. Apparently we are in a climate emergency (sarcasm).  

Rob Rheaume, St. Albert