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Water issues

City needs to look at recent record

I believe there is a serious lesson to be learnt by the City of St. Albert. Before we decide to become our own utility fiefdom, let us look at our own recent track record!

We have problems looking after the upkeep of Servus Place; it would seem two years ago serious problems were detected and we did nothing! It is no use blaming the recent excessive rain. Every winter we get that white precipitation and when that melts ... If the roof was supposed to last 25 years, do we have a warranty? Then we choose a company to help with the wall on St. Albert Trail – they hit a water main! Do we not have plans that show where these lines are located? Why did it take almost an hour to turn the water off!

It is time we asked: if we take on our own utilities, are we competent to deal with the upkeep? Do we have the skills for this immense task and, further, do we have staff who are capable of obtaining knowledgeable assistance – so that our utilities will work efficiently? It seems to me that at the present time we lack professional oversight and I wonder when the next blunder will occur and who will suffer as a consequence.

Elizabeth Allchin, St. Albert