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Welcome to Mississauga ... er, St. Albert


Dear citizens of St. Albert, I am not sure if you are aware but our city council is on course to rezone the old Hole's lands in the hopes of building TWO 26-storey towers. If you want a comparison, the CN Tower, which was the tallest building in Edmonton for decades is 26 storeys. These will be located adjacent to the Sturgeon River so as to add extra value to whomever is making the money on this venture.

The recent additions of Botanica 1 and 2 are already increasing traffic congestion and related pollution and safety concerns. Like the Dark Tower in Lord of the Rings, these behemoths will cast massive shadows, blotting out the sun for a significant amount of homes from Inglewood to Oakmont.

Glad we had a plebiscite on this so us taxpayers could have a say ... oh, right, we don't honor the outcomes of those anyhow. It seems that the multitude of sub eight-storey high density residential buildings that have been built and under construction are not enough. If you oppose this, let your city council know. Time is running out.

Jeff Hayman, St. Albert