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Splash and slash

Why do we bother with 10-year planning in this city? I do not know the cost of this exercise but if council decides to cut – imagine the hours that went into the preparation by staff, I am sure it was more than $15 an hour! Further the scrapping of a

Celebration of the Arts should feature a St. Albert band

I happened to see a poster promoting the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts at the Enjoy Centre on March 21.

Mandel's barring an undemocratic move

Recently, Elections Alberta posted a list of those they declared ineligible to run in the upcoming election. The most prominent person they identified was Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel.

St. Albertans welcoming, friendly and helpful

My family and I have lived in St. Albert for a little over four years as well.

Gazette editorial was hypocritical

I can’t let Saturday’s editorial go by without calling out the editorial board for its hypocrisy ( St. Albert Gazette , Our View, Feb. 9).

The compass was lost a long time ago

True North, is it? The letter to the editor entitled “Time for a compass check” by Wilf Borgstede is an example of the power of propaganda: Say something often enough and it virtually becomes true – or as good as. ( St.

Unnecessary packaging waste has gotten out of hand

I refer to various columns/letters in the Gazette over the last couple of weeks regarding St. Albert’s recycling program, and also the global situation regarding waste management, since this is not, as some seem to think, purely a local issue.

St. Albert is an amazing community

I just want to share what an amazing community our family lives in. In December 2018, our family welcomed 19-year-old Brian Siara to St. Albert from a rural Maasai tribe outside Nairobi. Brian has been overjoyed to enjoy the many amenities of St.

Heckling MP Cooper needs to explain himself

Our MP, Michael Cooper, has been called out repeatedly in the House for “heckling.” He is apparently one of the three top hecklers! Is this how St. Albertans wish to be distinguished? Are we so bereft of civilized input to Parliament? Mr.

Thank you, Jason

To Jason Cooke, PhD, thank you for your explanation on recycling ( St. Albert Gazette , Your Views, Feb. 6). It is the most lucid demonstration of reason and logic with current examples that even my own addled brain can comprehend.