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Scams: Can we do better?

Recently there was an attempt to defraud my family of about $1500. The scammer overpaid for an item via a “CIBC bank draught” sent by UPS and requested I return the overpayment. He would arrange for pick up of the item later.

Your Views section of Gazette has gotten lazy

Content: I’ll be blunt. The Gazette has gotten lazy.

Conversion therapy decision good but discussion reflected intolerance

Kudos to council for stance on conversion therapy

I am surprised – shocked, actually – that St. Albert is only the first provincial jurisdiction to ban conversion therapy. Kudos to Councilor Natalie Joly and the rest of her colleagues for taking this stand.

Protesting the cruelty of abortion is critical to our humanity

In response to Alicia Marangoni’s letter of June 29, “Young children should not be inundated with religious ideology” (Gazette, June 29, page 13)

Shout-out to young woman picking up garbage

Young woman seems to have made a personal choice to help beautify our city

20-Storey highrise ... Oakmont and Erin Ridge residents should be very, very afraid!

Much vocal opposition to the proposal for three towers possibly over 20 storeys

Extra practise

A poem

Rigorous analysis needed for municipal utility corporation

Low bar for leadership

Katy Holman is a very knowledgeable who writes about topics of Nursing Schools. She cites "5 Reasons Why People Devalue the Elderly": 1. Us -versus-them mentality. 2. The tendency to "shoot" our weak and wounded. 3.