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Educational annoyance

It is a good thing that the current educational system rewards mediocrity. Regurgitating known talking points that have been proven wrong in peer reviewed papers is one such manifestation of cut and paste research.

Some thoughts on scrutineering

Observations and thoughts from spending nine hours at a polling station as a first-time scrutineer: • Nancy and her eight team members are professional, patient and courteous. A nod to Elections Alberta for their training.

Making a point for collectivist world views

In response to Dominic Willott’s, letter to the editor entitled ‘Socialism vs capitalism’ (St Albert Gazette, Your Views, April 20), I have to say that Dominic appears to confuse worldviews with theoretical economic constructs.

What were Albertans thinking?

After seeing the results of the provincial election on April 16, I am left wondering what were Albertans thinking?

Rail fence is a waste of money

Riel rail crossing needs to be fixed

Bylaws should apply to all

Advice for owners of small pets

My spiritual rebirth

Our lord who lives in heaven, how do you remember my name So many smiling faces, don’t we all just look the same

Fight big oil retail pirates!