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Low-income housing shouldn't come at expense of green areas

I live in Akinsdale. I am not opposed to Habitat for Humanity or low-income housing (God knows my adult son who lives in my basement and his fiancé could use this). However I am averse to ad hoc planning that will be detrimental to St. Albert.

Smart growth does not fit St. Albert

City council has made the correct decision in delaying approval of a smart growth option, which has been primarily driven by administration.

Servus Place problems can be solved locally

Re: Servus Place begins fitness centre study,’ Gazette, March 31: This makes me wonder why we have to hire an outside source to do a study of the community’s need.

Reputation of region known nation-wide

As one who does not call the Edmonton region home when travelling outside to serious business meetings elsewhere, the comments by Chris and Karleena Perry epitomize all the stereotypes that the Edmonton region has in other parts of Canada.

Sometimes it's difficult to buy local

Buy locally? I tried. As I was in the market for a new car, I thought I would support local business and buy in St. Albert as I have done twice in the past. I went to the local dealer, expressing what I wanted in the car.

St. Albert Place parking problems persist

I find myself wondering if the city knows that the lot across from St. Albert Place is full most days by 9 a.m.? We all know that city employees have their own designated lot (old RCMP lot) and are not to park in the lot across from city hall.

Residents shouldn't be shamed for fighting Habitat

When it comes to Habitat for Humanity, there is no doubt about its good work and excellent reputation. As a result, there is no shortage of volunteers and donations for this wonderful organization.

City spaces are too crowded

I am coming to the conclusion that the more advanced society gets the less it learns from the past. This city is no exception. The one action we seem eager to replicate is overcrowding.

Housing is an inalienable right

As I read the Chris and Karleena Perry letter, I believe I am not alone when I say that I am disgusted with what confirms the reality that narrow-mindedness is not yet extinct from our populace.

Harper government playing a dangerous game

At issue, the House of Commons has ordered the Stephen Harper government to deliver to Parliament unedited documents, which allegedly demonstrate the government knowingly and deliberately delivered people to torture.