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RCMP, police argument makes no sense

Does anyone else find the RCMP/police-created term "excited delirium" for cause of death, as ridiculous as I do? We, the public, cannot accept this created phrase from our Taser, trigger-happy men and women in blue.

Nuclear power won't be healthy

The Alberta Government has announced 65 per cent of the people want nuclear power, giving us a real Christmas present. Like all government programs we get to pay first for the transmission lines, then pay again for the nuclear reactor.

Sweater was much more than clothing

A gentleman came into our office about a week past and noticed one of our staff members wearing a military-issued sweater belonging to her husband who is in the army.

Government should stand up for veterans

Military/RCMP veterans wish the Conservative and Liberal members of Parliament who voted no to Bill C-201 an enjoyable Christmas dinner. They forgot: • That the veterans’ pension account was depleted by over $20 billion.

Time for change on council

Your front-page article, “Budget debate wraps, homeowners face a 2.89% property tax increase,” (Dec. 9 Gazette) was very thought provoking. It caused the following thought to occur to me.

Health argument needs perspective

It is evident that Norm Harley has bought into the provincial myth of health care bankruptcy. He has done some of his homework — now it is time to take the blinkers off and view the bigger picture.

Sex crime convicts should stay in jail

So the RCMP are warning the public of the release onto our streets of another dangerous sex offender, James Hill. This time the warning is directed to Red Deer.

Individuals must take responsibility for health or risk bankrupting medicare

With reference to a recent letter to the editor, yes we need more doctors, but are we prepared to pay? The demand for medical services has never been greater, and is outpacing our ability or willingness to pay.

Come enjoy winter at River Lot 56

The River Lot 56 Natural Area Society looks forward to the 2009/10 winter season. Come and enjoy an all-natural winter experience, breaking your own cross-country ski trails, snowshoeing or hiking along the trails throughout the river lot.

My Canada

Oh Canada, Oh Canada, so young and so free Diversity abounds and so accepting of me I am so very proud of what you’ve become A winning team; “One for all and all for one” You have all this hope, for the future of humanity And the de