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Full discussion of social, moral issues does not detract from rights

Regarding Jesse Popowicz's most recent letter, we should take note of the way in which goal posts are being moved around in this discussion.

Pushback to March for Life participation isn't very accepting

Continuing on the topic of the catholic school system and the March for Life, Luke Fevin wrote a letter to the paper on May the 29th regarding the March for Life and the dangers associated with a younger group of people who willingly signed up to att

Drop funding for Ray Gibbon twinning

To taxpayers of St Albert to pay an additional 500 thousand dollars per year for 20 years in interest alone for a roadway which is essentially a bypass Of St Albert to borrow 54 million dollars from the province and not see construction completed for

Environment priorities

Seems the only thing on the agenda is the carbon tax of which everybody has to suffer from the additional tax burden.

Letter-writer misinformed on May

It is not hypocritical to use a form of transportation that causes carbon emissions in the course of seeking a reduction in carbon admissions, as Frank Piorkowski suggests in his attack Wednesday on Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May.

Thankful for our health care workers

Like Valerie Spink’s letter recently in your newspaper, my family and I can only commend the people who make up the medical system here. On the evening of February 10 my wife suffered a cardiac arrest at our house.

On goat-herding, politics and Judeo-Christian principles

Some Canadians may benefit from a refresher on the Judeo-Christian principles they are so fond of touting.

Extremists exist on all sides

Regarding Kathy Put’s opinion of Michael Cooper’s actions. I can understand why Cooper spoke up. Suri…the witness…linked “conservative commentators” to violent right wing extremists.

City should lead by example on plastic waste

On May 18, BLESS held their “world migratory bird day” at Big Lake, a theme of the event was “you can be the solution ... to plastic pollution”.

Argument on March for Life lacking in logic

Re: March of the Pied Piper