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Transit, traffic snarls a bigger environmental concern

I wholeheartedly agree with Mike Killick’s letter about the focus of council ( St. Albert Gazette , Your Views, Jan. 30). Plastic bags is their biggest issue? This is but another example why some people should not run for office.

Recycling questions answered?

Recycling has been in the news recently, and not in a good light. Some good questions were asked in recent letters to the editor. As a past chair of St.

Lacombe Lake dog park was there before residents

Once again, I’m astounded and amazed by how much attention city council pays to a few self-interest groups in St. Albert.

Recycling changes should come with lower fees

Re: The mayor’s letter to the editor regarding recycling ( St. Albert Gazette , Your Views, Jan. 23).

Bus shelter garbage shows entitlement

I catch the 7:30 bus every morning on Gervais Road in front of Tudor Glen strip mall on one side and Rick’s Grill on the other. I am appalled by the amount of garbage that is left in the bus shelter.

Densification will increase parking problems

Re: “Councillors weigh in on seasonal parking ban” ( St. Albert Gazette , Jan. 19). Some are surprised people do not move their vehicles out of the way when the plows are coming down their street.

Council made right call on plastic bag ban

I find it incredibly ironic that just after the city stops residents from being able to recycle glass in our blue bags that they now proposed to start banning single-use bags. Thank goodness the single-use plastic bag ban as proposed by Coun.

What is going on at Riverlot 56?

You recently had a small article in the Gazette reminding people that Riverlot 56 is an on leash area. Riverlot 56 is an on leash area? You could have fooled me! Yesterday, Jan.

Bus route disruption a safety concern

The recent construction that is going on has disrupted the commute for post-secondary students who in many cases chose their educational institution based on availability of safe travel from the city of St.

Socialism for the rich

Brian McLeod takes some quantum economic leaps of logic in implying that social programs and “socialist rhetoric” are causing currency “jitters.” ( St. Albert Gazette , Commentary, Jan. 12).