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Waterboarding is inhumane

Norm Harley says that he does not condone the apparent ‘torture administered to this young Canadian.

Media got it wrong on Coulter controversy

Ann Coulter is gone but the University of Ottawa and its staff, provost Francois Houle and president Allan Rock, have been placed under a cloud by certain elements of the media.

Strong communities need strong planning

I was very disappointed in Gary Harving's letter that depicts Akinsdale residents as selfish and egocentric. He obviously misses the point and fails to understand the need for strong community planning. If St.

Higher-earning families part of St. Albert's appeal

In the past few months it has become apparent to the people of St. Albert that a proposed project by Habitat for Humanity has been planned for an area of Akinsdale.

Leave the rhetoric at the border

Why is it our beautiful Canadian province Alberta consistently welcomes right-wing Americans like George W.

Proposed dog park unfair to co-op tenants

My name is Helena and I also live in the housing co-op adjacent the new proposed dog park. My friends and I are appalled that city council is so uncaring — let’s just attach the dog park to those low rentals.

Arlington proposal should be rejected

As a resident of Akinsdale, I wish to thank the approximately 200 people who converged on city hall to weigh the pros and cons of the Habitat for Humanity development.

Albertans understand the value of water

Oscar Wilde once said, “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Dog bylaws need more meat

I consider myself a responsible pet owner as my dogs are spayed, I keep them on a leash when walking them and I pick up after them. In addition, my home borders on some green space where dog owners bring their pets to play and frolic.

Health care spending should be explained

I must reluctantly point out to Alberta's Health Minister and his CEO of Alberta Health Services that when their officials make misleading statements to the public, it is the responsibility of the minister and the CEO to refute those statements.