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How did we end up at this point?

Did anyone ever wonder how it came to be that 70 Arlington Dr. turned into such a hot potato, pitting Habitat for Humanity, Apollo Developments, the City of St.

Someone knows who broke car window

On Thursday March 4, I awoke to my doorbell ringing and the sight of my neighbour with her hand over her mouth and brows furrowed, informing me that my vehicle had been vandalized. She shook her head at the sight of my broken back window.

North Ridge needs better access

An average home in North Ridge where I currently live is taxed approximately $4,000 a year. We have a lovely new fire hall to the southwest of us, which should make us all feel safe and that our tax dollars are working for us.

Arlington Drive editorial angers reader

I would like to clarify some misleading statements in ‘Opponents muddying Arlington waters.’ Fact: The Protestant school board does own the property but they can’t do with it as they please.

Developer should compromise with residents

While I very much agree with the need for affordable housing here in St. Albert and also the development in Akinsdale, I have some very big concerns about this one. You don't have to flip all the way and build a shantytown in that place.

It appears nothing can go on Arlington Drive

I write this as all I read is letters against the Arlington Drive development. While most letters start off by saying how much they support Habitat for Humanity and this isn’t a case of NIMBY, I really find that hard to believe.

Honest letter highlights why International Women's Day was created

After reading the Opinion section of the March 3 Gazette, I found it interesting to find that the article on the Baha’i community’s International Women’s Day Awards immediately followed Samantha Clyde’s honest and significant

Try a different density model on Arlington Drive

I was very impressed that you would allot two pages to give the views for and against the development of Habitat for Humanity homes on Arlington Drive.

Developers should speak at public hearings

The public hearing respecting the 70 Arlington Dr. affordable housing development demonstrates that our city council just can’t get it right when it comes to public hearings.

Always tip your server

I’m a server in St. Albert. I am very good at my job, but it’s not as easy as it looks. As a server, I make minimum wage — $8.80 an hour. Servers make the least amount of money in a restaurant in terms of wages.