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There are no mansions in Akinsdale

It was nice to see opposing views side-by-side on the Arlington Drive issue. I live on Akins Drive and I would like to assure Genevieve McNab that there are not any mansions in this area. There is a need for low-income housing.

Akinsdale asked to shoulder unfair burden

A few things struck me at the public hearing on Monday, March 15. None of the speakers in favour of the project live anywhere near it. It is easy to be in favour of something that costs you nothing.

Torture can save soldiers' lives

With reference to Bob Russell’s letter of March 13 concerning Omar Khadr, I did not say that I condoned the apparent “torture administered to this young Canadian.

Prisoners don't deserve the right to vote

So Ed Stelmach is taking the position that every citizen, so long as they meet residency and citizenship requirements, is entitled to vote. I disagree.

Habitat opposition is multi-faceted

Letter writers Liz Semmens and Aron VanDelft have a skewed view of why there is opposition to rezoning 70 Arlington Drive and developing it with Apollo Homes and Habitat for Humanity.

Akinsdale has been through enough

I have been following the discussions about the new Habitat development in our community. My wife and I both disagree with this project.

City doesn't treat Akinsdale fairly

What did Akinsdale do to be continuously treated as an outcast by the City of St. Albert? I lived in Akinsdale for some 21 years.

Omar Khadr should be brought home

Re: “Omar Kadr is a traitor,” March 6 Norm Harley’s letter demanding that Omar Khadr remain at Guantanamo and be tried by the U.S.

Arlington Drive development is terrifying

After reading Apollo Developments’ proposal for 70 Arlington Drive I am terrified for the future of St. Albert.

Anthem overtly religious

The anthem should be changed in more ways than one. On June 27, 1980, the national anthem was mysteriously transformed into a prayer with the addition of the phrase, God keep our land.