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City needs more racquetball courts

In September of 2008, my friend and I decided to start a racquetball league in St. Albert with the support of the Alberta Racquetball Association (ARA).

Mortgage proposal seems iffy

After reading the Saturday’s Gazette story about Apollo Developments, I was wondering who would buy any of these places for the $200,000 to $250,000 Andy Banack says they will sell for? A quick search of the MLS listings will reveal 35 condos i

Entire city should be concerned about development

Even if you are not a resident of the Arlington area, you should be concerned about the development proposal.

School board should donate land

I live on Akins Drive and support low-income housing developed equally throughout St. Albert. It appears that residents outside the Akinsdale area feel a need to comment on rezoning land that will detrimentally affect my family.

Arlington Drive wouldn't fly in other neighbourhoods

I live in Oakmont and I do not support the 70 Arlington Dr. project. All anyone has to do is imagine this monstrosity was going up in their own neighbourhood green space and the answer is a clear ‘not in my backyard.

Woman's right to choose is sacred

Re: “Women’s health doesn’t include access to abortion,” a letter by Gerald Hall of Parksville, B.C. (Gazette, Feb. 24).

Private health care statistics unnerving

Lest our legislators are misled by the lobbying efforts of the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries, they should be aware of a study by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) entitled “Health at a Glance.

Omar Khadr is a traitor

Your editorial “Khadr case a national disgrace” reinforces how gullible Canadians must be.

Development needs fewer homes

My name is Tricia Boukall. Our house is located in the close directly beside the proposed development of 70 Arlington Drive. I have previously written to council and appreciate the two responses that I have received.

Community safety should trump all arguments

Lori Fabian and Nina Carpenter each provide excellent perspectives in their recent letters.