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Many in Akinsdale identify with low-income

This is regarding Sandra Hansen's comments about the residents opposed to the Arlington Drive Project. It's laughable that you would think that the residents of Akinsdale are against low-income people.

Dogs get more space than people

To the potential future residents of the monstrosity by Apollo Developments, for $200,000, you will receive four-foot yards, minimal parking, no fencing, no basement, zero storage, monthly condo fees, high taxes and strong neighbourhood opposition.

Get yourself a different pet

To all the dog owners who walk their dogs on Dunfield Crescent — pick up your dogs’ poop. It is amazing how lazy some owners are. They take on the responsibility of owning a pet but are too lazy to pick up their dog’s droppings.

Parliamentarians are not the source of power

Judging by the uproar over Prime Minister Stephen Harper proroguing Parliament, it is apparent that a great many Canadians are still deluded into believing that the majority of MPs they elect serve any other purpose than to create the illusion that p

Premier can find the money in his government

It’s disturbing, loathsome and downright bullying. Little wonder Ed Stelmach wanted to hide when his budget came down. We see no offer for low rental housing even though 46 died on the streets in 1990.

Akinsdale should be involved in site planning

I am a volunteer on a civic committee, a chair of a high school parent council, I have worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 25 years and I have been an Akinsdale resident for 18 years.

Chamber's stance on Arlington Drive puzzling

Re: “Chamber supports housing proposal,” Feb. 20. Mike Howes, I didn't see any 4,000-sq.-ft. homes with triple-car garages in Akinsdale. They looked like normal homes, mostly bungalows from the 1970s, that you could raise a family in.

Let's bury the botanical arts

Congratulations on progress toward developing a brand for St. Albert. I like the use of “Cultivate Life” in the logo, because any business can identify with it.

Kind gesture appreciated

I want to say thank you to the kind individual who noticed a set of keys in the trunk lock of a Focus parked at the Fountain Park Pool on Feb. 16 and turned them in to the desk at Fountain Park. The keys were not missed until the next day.

Beware of the Habitat development

I have been a supporter of Habitat for Humanity and I am a resident of Akinsdale.