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Women's health doesn't include abortion

Stephen Harper and the Canadian government made it crystal clear this week they will not capitulate to Michael Ignatieff's demands to include the promotion of abortion in this country or any country as a legitimate initiative to improve the heal

Community's needs should come first

Lack of affordable housing in St. Albert is a community problem. Everyone who lives in St. Albert has to be involved in its solution and should, and must have an opinion.

Dog 'treats' not part of Comet's training regimen

Re: “Sniffing out pests and profits,” Feb. 3 Gazette. This article was in general about my bed bug and mould canine detection company, Sniffer Dog Services Inc..

River Lot 56 Natural Area is a treasure to cherish

I have been following the negative articles and letters to the editor in the Gazette regarding the River Lot 56 Natural Area and I would like to clarify some misconceptions held by many of the writers.

Proposal has too many problems

My name is Jenna Kress and I live on Addison Crescent with my sister and my dad, Gerry. I’m currently attending Grant MacEwan University and have high hopes for my future.

Inconsiderate behaviour wastes doctors' time

A couple of weeks ago I tried to make an appointment with my family doctor in St. Albert. Unfortunately, I was told I would have to wait, as the doctor’s schedule was fully booked.

Too many unanswered questions in Habitat plan

I take great exception to the comments made in the letter entitled ‘May goodwill prevail.

Thief has no use for sentimental items

To the person who prowled the neighbourhood near Notre Dame School in Morinville on the weekend of Jan. 23 to 24: I usually lock my car at night, but lucky for you on Saturday I was distracted and forgot.

Past experience with Habitat leaves sour taste

Re: ‘Opponents muddying Arlington waters,’ Feb. 10. I find it funny that the editor’s opinions are treated as gospel while any concerns the people of the community address are considered dubious at best.


A Feb. 10 article on the Numb Bum incorrectly identified a motorbike as a Sierra F450R. It’s actually a Honda F450R.