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MP's pamphlet worthless

In front of me is Brent Rathgeber's newest pamphlet on the Olympic Torch Prototype Event.

Trails should be maintained in river lot

The inability to allow and have STANSKI set proper cross-country trails in River Lot 56 is now another reason to move away from St. Albert. One of the reasons we chose to move and live in St.

STANSKI should be river lot's steward

As both an avid user of Kingswood Park and River Lot 56 (RL56) and living within just metres of both, it is clear to me that the group that needs their actions evaluated is the River Lot 56 Natural Area Society.

Canada falling behind in nuclear fusion

We would agree that, given the choice, North Americans are unlikely to want nuclear fission plants located in Alberta's northwest.

Plebiscite needed on nuclear power

To nuke or not to nuke — that is the question. I am disappointed with the decision by the provincial government to lift the moratorium on nuclear power plants in Alberta.

Closing Alberta Hospital puts patients at risk

I would like to protest the moving and/or closing of the facilities at the Alberta Hospital. The care the patients receive at that hospital cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

Council could have done better

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I spoke on behalf of the St. Albert Taxpayers Association at the budget deliberations on Monday. Not surprisingly, the capital and operating budgets were passed.

Province losing out on bitumen

"We expect oil prices to soften slightly from the 2006 level to around $55 US per barrel based on West Texas Intermediate (WTI) during the 2006 to 2011 period.

Club still willing to groom trails

The St. Albert Nordic Ski Club (STANSKI) volunteers have been maintaining the cross-country ski trails in the City of St. Albert and the adjacent River Lot 56 Natural Area for over 30 years.

Special thanks for extra effort

My wife and I were driving home the other night from shopping in west Edmonton when we decided to stop at the local Cob’s Breads. Upon leaving from the Safeway exit we noticed a loud thumping sound from the vehicle.