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Safety at stake on Arlington Drive

I am a single parent living in Akinsdale, on Arlington Drive. While I do support affordable housing, I am vehemently opposed to the development of the proposed housing complex in our community’s only significant park space.

Time to build a smart St. Albert

Why can’t an eco-city (green city) be for the greater good of St.

May goodwill prevail

As a community, like it or not, we are all involved and have a responsibility in bringing about a fair and just resolution to the issue of the Habitat for Humanity project in Akinsdale.

School board has every right to sell Arlington Drive

I am disappointed at the seemingly virulent opposition to the proposed affordable housing development on the former school site at 70 Arlington Dr.

Akinsdale paid its dues with 70 Arlington Dr.

Re: Arlington Drive articles from the Feb.

'Cultivate Life' flies in face of Arlington Drive

How ironic to open the Feb. 3 St. Albert Gazette to see on the front page the headline “City Unwraps ‘Cultivate Life' brand.” The article goes on to say "St.

More fiscal responsibility needed

Your editorial on Jan. 30 suggested that the city was starved for growth and that the city should facilitate it. I can’t imagine what growth you are referring to. Since we moved to St.

Carrying the torch was the experience of a lifetime

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the City of St. Albert and the Vancouver Olympic Committee for the honour of participating in the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay held on Jan. 13 in the City of St. Albert.

Akinsdale argument doesn't impress

The Protestant School District wishes to sell their land in Akinsdale, so let them already. “Because it’s been that way for years” has to be the most passive argument yet.

Nobody likes a pooper

Everyone is tired of the dog poop issue. Me too. I am tired of reading about it, seeing it, stepping in it, talking about it and reminding my kids to steer around it. But there it is, every day when my kids, my dog and I use the parks and trails.