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Politicians always represent interests

Earlier this week I happened to catch a portion of a presentation to city council delivered by one of the local pressure groups.

City approaching smart growth the wrong way

City council should be commended for reviewing all the implications of smart growth prior to putting it into practice.

Everyone needs a reminder to be courteous

Thank you Andy Michaelson for your gentle reminder that sometimes the liberal use of certain "colourful" phrases and terminology just doesn't make a difference to anyone except oneself.

Rathgeber should get back to work

I received a return email from Edmonton-St. Albert member of Parliament Brent Rathgeber after I had written him to request his return to Parliament on Jan. 25 and to express my disagreement with the prime minister’s proroguing of Parliament.

Akinsdale process flawed

In the Gazette article titled “Akinsdale Split on Habitat Plan” published Friday Jan. 15, two fundamental flaws in city council readily discern themselves in a very odd land transaction. Originally the St.

Canadian spirit comes alive in times of need

Bless all of you who have shaken out your “rainy day” jars or given up a Starbucks lattĂ© to send a few pesos to the Haitian relief efforts.

It's an international problem

I read with interest that you too, have a problem with dog excrement over there in the new world.

Growth is not the responsibility of the taxpayer

The St. Albert Taxpayers Association supports moderate, well planned growth that is revenue positive and does not burden current taxpayers with the cost of development.

No point to prorogue

I was very disappointed with Ryan Tumilty’s article “MP defends prorogation,” in the Wednesday, Jan. 6 edition of the Gazette.

School play was spectacluar

On Jan. 7, I was privileged to see the play, Once Upon A Mattress at the Arden Theatre. I would like to commend the students for their exemplary acting and singing.