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Government doesn't value nurses

I am writing this on Christmas Eve, getting ready to go to work over the holidays once again. I cannot remember my last holiday off, but such is the sacrifice of a nurse, even one as new to the profession as I am.

H1N1 vaccine isn't for everybody

I would like to disagree with Dee-Ann Schwanke’s commentary on how the Internet has only unreliable sources of information regarding the H1N1 vaccine.

Driver's behaviour was reprehensible

In light of the recent concerns regarding bus driver safety, it’s important to remember that abuse goes both ways. In no way am I intending to trivialize the two incidents in Edmonton, but I’ve seen firsthand St.

Fire station report a waste of money

A recent Gazette quotes Mayor Nolan Crouse as being “hot about fire costs” (Nov 28, 2009). His comments came after council reviewed an evaluation and master plan produced by a United States’ consulting firm.

Society failing as river lot stewards

With great interest and astonishment I read your article entitled “No more ski trails in River Lot 56” from Saturday Dec. 19. I am a cross-country skier and I have always enjoyed the quiet nature setting of skiing in River Lot 56.

Santa Claus won't pay the health care bill

Yes, Elizabeth in your world there is a Santa Claus — someone that pays the bills unconditionally with no end in sight or disclosure as to where the money came from.

MP's pamphlet worthless

In front of me is Brent Rathgeber's newest pamphlet on the Olympic Torch Prototype Event.

Trails should be maintained in river lot

The inability to allow and have STANSKI set proper cross-country trails in River Lot 56 is now another reason to move away from St. Albert. One of the reasons we chose to move and live in St.

STANSKI should be river lot's steward

As both an avid user of Kingswood Park and River Lot 56 (RL56) and living within just metres of both, it is clear to me that the group that needs their actions evaluated is the River Lot 56 Natural Area Society.

Canada falling behind in nuclear fusion

We would agree that, given the choice, North Americans are unlikely to want nuclear fission plants located in Alberta's northwest.