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Why can’t clamshell containers be recycled?

Recently, there have been many changes to what can and cannot be recycled in our city. I have read the articles that explain why these changes were necessary and, for the most part, I understand.

Clearing the air on recycling

Sometimes I get a bit frustrated with the press. Reading Saturday’s editorial ( St. Albert Gazette , Jan. 19) is an example. Although not overly negative or incorrect, the message is aimed in the wrong direction.

Storefront library a good compromise

My first letter to the editor in 34 years of living in St. Albert because I’m getting tired and not a little bit exasperated at the complaints from people decrying council’s decision to fund a storefront library.

Thank you to all who contributed

Thank you! We would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of our annual Christmas Lights and Display and Food Bank Drive on Elliot Place in December.

Kettle volunteers do a wonderful job

I was thoroughly upset at reading the letter entitled “Failure to say Merry Christmas shows a lack of respect,” regarding the Salvation Army ( St. Albert Gazette , Your Views, Dec. 26).

Mistakes are easy to make with new recycling rules

Thank you, Brian Low, for voicing your nostalgia for the good old days of reason and efficiency in garbage collection ( St. Albert Gazette , Your Views, Jan. 9). I just had a blue bag rejected for collection this week.

Gazette should apologize for photo

Are you kidding me ... a picture of kid punching another kid in the head, and on the front page of your paper ( St. Albert Gazette , Jan.

Thanks to the angel who helped me out

Who says angels don’t exist? They did for me this snowy Friday morning. Winston (my Mini Cooper S) got stuck in the deep snow. Even with his winter tires on.

My smart water meter failed me

I received a call from the City of St. Albert’s Utilities and Environment Department notifying me our water usage overnight was continuous at 170 litres per hour.

Smoke and mirrors

Reading through city council’s reflections from 2018 in the Gazette , I am amazed at some of the creative messaging techniques used by councillors to spin issues.