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A parent's perspective on gay-straight alliances

In 2016, my daughter came out as transgender.

St. Albert Trail traffic disruption and future developments

St Albert Trail traffic disruption and future developments.

Geese deaths are dull news

When I saw the headlines about two geese being killed on a golf course, my immediate reaction was, “That’s it! I don’t need this paper coming into my home if that’s the best it has for news.” But I’ve slept on it.

Crime is a crisis in Canada

How much longer will it take for the federal government to see that Canada is in a crisis? The federal government seems to be able to send money other countries but not see what is going on in Canada.

Listen up, Jason Kenney!

Alberta15 is a group of responsible employers committed to do the right thing

Sturgeon Hospital is an incredible institution

During the past seven months, three of my family members were admitted to emergency at the Sturgeon Hospital in unrelated incidents.

Questioning city's spending priorities

I play in the St. Albert Men’s Slowpitch League at the Meadowview Ball Diamonds and on numerous occasions have observed youth walking along or hanging out on the railway tracks including the trestle bridge.

Red Barn plan deeply concerning

This letter is in response to the article about the proposed “Red Barn Development” in the June 19th issue of the Gazette.

Good deeds not enough to re-elect MP

RE: Cooper denies allegations, by Jennifer Henderson, Saturday, June 22, 2019, St. Albert Gazette.

We will worship thee

Oh Cannabis Our home and native plant! Glorious indeed, at our local growers stand. With the THC and the CBD, Our minds will be so free! All legal now, Oh Cannabis, We will worship thee.