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Remembering Elke Blodgett

It’s Christmastime again, a time when many of us pause in our hectic lives and relive special times we have shared with those who have passed during the year.

City needs to listen to seniors needs

Elizabeth Allchin makes a lot of sense as usual in her recent letter ( St. Albert Gazette , Your Views, Dec. 22) which urges council to listen and take notice of seniors needs.

City council – practise what you preach

City council, reading letters to the editor these past few months, St. Albert seems to be upset with your behaviour. They have good cause. You preach to us on being waste wise with our garbage.

Thanks to city maintenance crew

A brief thank-you to the trail-sweeping crew who have kept the Red Willow Trail clear during the snowy times. My wife and I walk the trail several times a week. It is a pleasure we enjoy very much: excellent job! Thank you. Michael Pickard, St.

What's the point of the blue bag?

What’s the point of the city blue bag program after the recent changes? Our family recalls the good old days where there were bins in Riel Park and once a month or so, I would drive our boxes of cardboard, paper, glass, tins and plastic to the recycl

Blue bag tag came to the wrong house

On Dec. 21, I found a tag in my mailbox indicating a list of unapproved items in my blue bag. I was confused as I had not put out a blue bag this week. So I checked the City of St. Albert website and called the appropriate phone number.

Coal Mine Road closure a bad option

As a 20-plus-year resident of Erin Ridge, I am strenuously opposed to the closure of Coal Mine Road. I feel very strongly that closing Coal Mine Road will do nothing more than push more traffic onto Erin Ridge Drive, an already overly burdened road.

Council members need to stand up for St. Albert

It is astounding to me that Cathy Heron posted the following on her Facebook page in May 2017 prior to becoming St. Albert’s mayor: “Today I attended the State of the City address in Edmonton. It was wonderful to see so many people from St.

Increasing transparency for Gazette’s Our View editorial

I enjoy reading the Gazette , and while I don't always agree with some of the views that get shared in the Opinion section, I understand that different people have different perspectives.

Don't confuse facts with opinion

Re: Facts Matter ( St. Albert Gazette , Your Views, Dec. 12). The short missive from Bryan Corbett is exactly indicative of what he is decrying. His claims are unsubstantiated by any single fact other than his own opinion.