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Young children should not be inundated with religious ideology

In response to Luke Fevin’s letter: “School Trip to March for Life Unacceptable”: Luke, I applaud you. Thank you for standing up to address what is definitely a misuse of public education funds.

An ironic situation

The front page story in Wednesday’s Gazette about a proposed ban on single-use plastics quickly caught my eye. But the story might have been easier to read had the issue not been enclosed in a large, transparent, single-use, plastic bag.

Property tax increase close to the top in Alberta

I would like to commend city council for another successful bait and switch regarding property taxes. Last year, budget called for a 1.5% increase. In May, bumped up to 2.5% This year, .4% increase at budget time.

Hypocrisy from May on oil

Elizabeth May remains anti-oil and against any Alberta oil pipeline while she flys back and forth between Ottawa and Vancouver without a glimmer of remorse.

Federal plastics ban needs to be looked at carefully

Mayor Heron has a unique opportunity in her role on the Albertan Urban Municipalities Association to voice a concern by all Albertan Taxpayers to communities across the province.

Hard to resolve conflicting rights

Re: "Clamping down on discussion would erode human freedoms" (Ray Sanborn, June 8 Gazette ): Ray Sanborn is to be congratulated for his thoughtful letter about human rights, in particular the “rights” conflict between a woman an

Prescriptions not accepted at Servus Place, Fountain Park

Regarding the seniors free swim: My first knowledge of St. Albert was when we stood in line on Perron Street to enter the Bruin Inn on Saturday nights for a mixed table, not allowed in Edmonton.

Dangerous exemption to freedom of speech

J. Gil's letter concerning Luke Fevin's take on the Right to Life March that included even pre-teens apparently, is a total misreading of the concept of 'freedom of religion," which certainly doesn't include freedom from disagreement or criticism.

Kudos to Bright Dental Clinic

This letter is to commend the wonderful folks at Bright Dental Clinic for their selfless annual Compassion Day

Liberals, Muslim groups are overreacting to Cooper controversy

Michael Cooper, MP is no racist, he is only off the Justice Committee by Leader Scheer since its so close to an election.