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Cannabis Tech for 2021 - Nine Tools You’ll Want

Cannabis tech continues to evolve on the individual level with upgraded devices and accessories available directly to you! Stay on top of the trends with these must-have products.
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This next year is poised to see even more advancements in the cannabis world, from AI-powered vending machines and cashless transactions to eCommerce and delivery.

Cannabis tech also continues to evolve on the individual level, with upgraded devices and accessories available directly to you! Stay on top of the trends with these must-have products:

Growing Accessories

There are a few must-have essentials for anyone growing their own at home, and a few dream items you might decide are worth the investment.

LEAF is a fully-automated growing system the size of a small refrigerator. Control the system from your smartphone, where you can also monitor the grow video and daily reports like plant height. The LEAF keeps precise temperature and humidity for optimum growth, and it automatically dispenses the right amount of nutrients and water to your precious plants.

If you already have your setup but want to see the benefit of professional-grade grow lights, Electric Sky has you covered. The wideband spectrum of these LEDs means that they put out multiple colors instead of just one, improving your plant’s ability to use that light for maximum growth potential. Electric Sky recommends one light to cover a 2’x4’ to 3’x5’ grow area.

Add CO2 to your grow area with confidence with the Atlas 2 preset monitor/controller. The Atlas 2 self-calibrates to enrich your grow area with CO2 only during daylight hours and maintain 1500 PPM for the best absorption rate to encourage photosynthesis.

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Smoking Accessories

Even if you’re not growing your own, advancements in cannabis tech now mean a tailored, luxurious experience for everyone. Check out the tech services and accessories below that’ll customize your cannabis enjoyment from before you take your first infused bite or vaporized inhale.

Lobo Genetics offers both a THC and a CBD test to determine how each will affect you personally based on your DNA. Learn your sensitivity and potential side effects from short- and long-term use of these cannabis products, and get personalized product recommendations based on your results.

The tCheck 2 Infusion Essentials potency tester allows you to test infused butter, oils, and tinctures with accuracy. The device shows the concentration of cannabinoids in mg per mL, which allows you to create edibles with specific and accurate potency or check the strength of each strain you grow.

Activate all your cannabinoids using Ardent’s all-in-one decarboxylator. It holds up to 4oz of plant material at a time and has 4 settings that allow you to simply activate, or infuse, melt, or bake with your plants. And its shiny purple stainless steel design will look so good in your kitchen!

The OTTO Cone Roller & Grinder allows you to roll the perfect cone every time. You just push a button, and the grinder uses smart technology to mill your material to the perfect grind. It then releases into a cone in the stand beneath it, and all that’s left to do is twist the end closed!

The EVRI Starter Pack is a universal charger with three attachments: a vapor tip, 510 cartridges, and refillable pods. This versatile device can also switch between three heat settings and allows you to dab or vape without carrying along a torch or a second device.

The G Pen Roam Vaporizer uses digital temperature control and an LED display to provide accurate and convenient water-filtered vaporization. It features a spill-proof glass hydro tube and a quartz tank fully encased in a sleek aluminum shell. Packed into its hemp travel case, this vaporizer is top of the line for portable water-filtered vaporization systems.

Make 2021 the year you truly personalize your cannabis experience with these top tech devices, services, and accessories!

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