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Fleetwood Mac Tribute band plays Arden Theatre

MAC DADDY: The Fleetwood Mac Experience performs the greatest hits
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MAC DADDY returns to St. Albert for a concert of Fleetwood Mac's biggest hits this Saturday at the Arden Theatre.


MAC DADDY: The Fleetwood Mac Experience

Saturday, June 22 at 7:30 p.m.

Arden Theatre

5 St. Anne Street

Tickets: $33 Call 780-459-1542 or online at


The Arden Theatre concludes its June lineup with one of the best Fleetwood Mac tribute bands in Canada.

Edmonton-based five-piece MAC DADDY: The Fleetwood Experience recreates note-perfect hits from the British-American band’s catalogue.

“We aim to give an audience as close to an experience as Fleetwood Mac,” said Crystal Goodfellow, who picks up the role of Christine McVie.

This classic lineup also includes David Bowden as Mick Fleetwood, Laurie Slater as Stevie Nicks, David Gaitan Galvez as John McVie and Mark Donaghy as Lindsay Buckingham.

From British blues to California rock, the five musicians recreate the note-perfect music of Fleetwood Mac whose chart-toppers tapped into the cynicism and excesses of the post-hippie movement.

“”Fleetwood Mac is widely loved among several generations. It’s emotional. It’s heartfelt and it’s well written. It’s a pleasure to perform and we thought it would be very appealing. It’s really the soundtrack of many people’s lives," Goodfellow said.

Fleetwood Mac received its grounding in the United Kingdom as a '60s blues band. By the '70s they’d upped their game and tested the American market where Nicks and Buckingham joined the band.

By the time Fleetwood Mac’s Grammy Award winning album, Rumours, was released in 1976, they were experimenting with a soft pop-rock sound that delivered a raw, emotional power.

MAC DADDY, who last performed in St. Albert at the 2019 Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts, performs in full costume with similar styles worn by the original artists.

“Laurie wears these full shawls and long gypsy dresses like Stevie. Christine is more laid back and I like to wear black pants and a black jacket. David as Mick wears the white shirt and vest, and David has the naturally curly hair like Lindsay. He doesn’t have to change too much,” said Goodfellow with a laugh.

Although the set list of '60s to '80s songs is being kept under wraps, the multi-media show also includes a series of videos screened in the background.

The concert is an opportunity to sit back and reminisce about one of the world’s top bands that created music still played on radio stations some 30 years later.

“We really do justice to the music and we perform it as authentically as possible. We try to convey all the emotion we can and create an environment where you connect with the music, and hopefully we can bring back some memories."

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