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St. Albert Dinner Theatre closes season with Barely Heirs

A million dollar comedy


Barely Heirs

St. Albert Dinner Theatre

April 11 to 13, 18 to 20 and 25 to 27

Kinsmen Banquet Hall

47 Riel Dr.

Tickets: $55 adults, $50 seniors. Call 780-222-0102 or online at


What would you do if someone dangled $1 million in front of your nose for the taking? Did I mention there’s a catch?

North Dakota playwright David Lassig toys with this idea in Barely Heirs opening for St. Albert Dinner Theatre on Thursday, April 11, at Kinsmen Banquet Hall.

In a brief synopsis, Jane just inherited the jackpot from an uncle. But to claim it she needs to be married for six months.

The last thing on Jane’s mind is marriage. She enjoys the single life and is not above a touch of larceny. All she needs to do is produce a fake husband, fool the executor and obtain the inheritance.

Her neighbour’s husband Tom agrees to help. Jane just needs to keep the truth from Claire, Tom’s wife.

Unfortunately, chaos ensues when Paul, Jane’s romantic ex-boyfriend shows up; Betty, her curious mother drops by and a police officer comes nosing around after suspicious activity is spotted in the neighbourhood.

To say things get complicated is an understatement.

Lassig originally wrote Barely Heirs in 2010 with his wife Shanara in mind for the lead female role.

At the time he stated, “In Barely Heirs there is a woman as the central character coming up with all the deception. Farces seldom have women as the lead characters, so I wanted to write a brand-new farce with a woman as the central character.”

Director Rob Beeston, who describes himself as “an actor by default,” is one of the St. Albert Dinner Theatre’s go-to performers. Barely Heirs is his first crack at directing.

“When I read the script, the parts spoke to me as an actor. I could see a lot of things that inspired me. Comedy is one of my favourite things. There are parts of the show that look pulled together from the best sketch comedies or sitcoms produced. Three’s Company comes to mind,” said Beeston.

“It’s two acts and it’s almost like two episodes back-to-back with a cliffhanger at the end of the first episode.”

Maya Molly (The Regifters) landed the role of Jane, one that requires the actress to be on stage for virtually the entire show.

“She’s a crafty, brilliant, intelligent young actor. I’ve worked with her before and we’re lucky to have her,” Beeston said.

Joanne Poplett returns to the stage as Betty while Christine Humphreys-Gold has nabbed the role of the estate lawyer. Colin Stewart makes his debut as Paul while Rita Jensen is Officer Jensen.

And Omer Richard-Aubin shows off his acting chops as Tom while Sarah Gibson is Claire, Tom’s wife.

“Everybody loves to laugh and this script is such a wonderful homage to the comedies we grew up watching on TV. This is a great opportunity to get out of the house. This is the kind of show you can walk out with a smile. There’s lots of slapstick, lots of laughs.”



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