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LETTER: Close count in election should mean recount

'Is there still a lack of transparency prevailing?'

Cathy Heron was declared winner, as the newly elected mayor of St. Albert. Angela Wood placed second, in a very close count. The percentage of votes between the winner and loser were: 39 per cent for Heron and 36 per cent for Wood.

Usually when election results are that close, a recount of votes occurs. In the October election, there was no recount. One can only wonder why one candidate triumphed and one competent candidate lost.

There was a definite lack of transparency of governance during Heron's first term in office, with an abundance of in-camera meetings, and total disregard for the results of a plebiscite where citizens voted against two libraries.

Is there still a lack of transparency prevailing?

C. Rose, St. Albert