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LETTER: Thanks to those who helped rescue bird from Sturgeon River

WildNorth will care for it until it can be released back into the wild.
morris letter CC
Letter writer Brian Morris took this photo of a bird struggling in the Sturgeon River. BRIAN MORRIS/Photo

Everyone loves a story with a happy ending, and this is one of those.

Recently, while walking across the Ray Gibbon bridge, I spotted a small bird in the water of the Sturgeon River who appeared to be struggling. I could not tell if it was tangled in fishing line or some other problem. 

Being an avid photographer, I took some pictures and then returned to the RV park to search on who may possibly offer assistance to retrieve the bird.
I contacted WildNorth Recovery but their staff was unavailable due to the hour of the day.

I returned to the boat launch at Rotary Park and a lovely young couple were just getting ready to launch their kayak. I asked them if they would help, and they quickly agreed to get the bird. Unfortunately, I did not get their names.

They retrieved the bird, which was a young wild pigeon, and I returned to the park to seek the help of another couple who I know have worked for a long time in bird banding. They graciously loaned me a small container — they call it a bird hospital — and my wife and I took the bird into our trailer.

The next day, I dropped the bird off at WildNorth and they said they will care for it until it can be released back into the wild.

Brian Morris, St. Albert