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LETTER: Too much crime; not enough policing

"Is anyone concerned about stopping the crime in our city?"

Re: Crime Map, The Gazette, Sept. 29.

Has anyone looked at the St. Albert crime map recently?

I was horrified by the number from the past 14 days. What is happening to our community? Where is the deterrent for these criminals?

In the past six months my quiet cul-de-sac in Erin Ridge has been victimized several times. Personally, I’ve had a vehicle break-in, a trailer stolen, and a catalytic converter go missing.

Our grainy camera images were not even asked for by the RCMP. What gives? Is anyone concerned about stopping the crime in our city?

I used to see officers in my neighbourhood, and I used to see the buggy on the trails. How about a bait car? Have they ever arrested anyone? Can someone please write in if they have seen with their own eyes an arrest, or a return of stolen property?

Come on, this is supposed to be a safe city. Is it time to for a community vigilante watch?

Matt Diederichs, St. Albert