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High school artists explore Imperial Yellow

Students from Bellerose, Paul Kane, and St. Albert Catholic create using another hue as part of the October installation of the virtual exhibit: Colour Scheme.

Colour Scheme is a rotating monthly online art gallery featuring selected works by students of Bellerose, Paul Kane, and St. Albert Catholic high schools. Each month of the school year, several pieces from each school will be highlighted on The Gazette’s website on the last Saturday of the month.

The Colour Scheme show for this month is Imperial Yellow: the colour of October.

Imperial yellow is a colour that represents many things to many different cultures. Being the colour of the sun, we often equate it with happiness and warm feelings. In China, yellow traditionally signified royalty, and pencils from China have been this colour since the 1890s. As a chakra colour, it empowers people to find their personal strength.

Yet yellow carries a surprising number of negative connotations. Yellow is a symbol of cowardice, of sickness, and of mental illness. It is the colour of sensationalism. Too much bright yellow can easily overwhelm a project.

Whatever the association we hold as individuals, we will miss this colour when the yellows of the fall turn brown and we await the blossoms of spring.