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Students explore art themes in Re/LAUNCH/ing, vol. 7

Each month, will be displaying an online gallery of art created by high school students. These are March's submissions.
Alyssa Konarzewski
"Untitled" by Alyssa Konarzewski; graphite. Scroll down for more art by local students and to read Alyssa's thoughts on this piece.

With school back in session, a new collaborative art project has been launched.

Re/LAUNCH/ing is aimed at hitting the same high notes that its predecessor with.draw.all did, but with the added emphasis on the intrinsic value of art to the artist.

Each month, will be displaying an online gallery of art created by high school students. March's rendition features 11 creations from students at Paul Kane, Bellerose and St. Albert Catholic High.


Kaitlyn BlackArtist: Kaitlyn Black
Grade: 11
Title: Laguna Blue
Graphite and charcoal
Artist's Statement: "When creating this piece I unlocked new perspectives on how I approach my work as an artist. I learned that my work contains more so of a gestural feel. I used charcoal to create harsh prominent lines that steal the attention of the eye, which gives the gestural look. This piece is the starting point of who I am as an artist and will hopefully inspire me to create many more successful art pieces in the future. This art piece is my 'Key to Success.'"


Morgan AndersonArtist: Morgan Anderson
Title: Untitled
Artist's Statement: "I have been working on my own characters in a digital format."


Dakota WedmanArtist: Dakota Wedman
Grade: 12
Title: It's The Little Things
Water soluble graphite
Artist's Statement: "Throughout the process of creating this piece, I tried to pursue the idea of ordinary to extraordinary. The first thing that came to my mind was to blow up a small, important object to give it more significance. The object I chose was my Baba's old jewelry container, which she passed on to me a couple years ago. I wanted to focus on the small details of the object and bring out the importance of them. Something my Baba always says is, "It's the little things that matter," and I used that as inspiration for my piece."


Aysha SavouryArtist: Aysha Savoury
Grade: 11
Title: Untitled
Ink and paper cutting
Artist's Statement: "I developed this piece for the paper cutting project in my art class. For this project, I had to use ink, so in order to give it nice detail, I used a white gel pen in order to create contrast with the black ink."


Kenna BurkholderArtist: Kenna Burkholder
Title: Untitled
Graphite and erasers
Artist's Statement: "This drawing first started out as a challenge to myself to see what I could do with a single pencil. This drawing was really low stress, even though I tried out a new shading style. Overall, I am pleased with how I did and thought that it was a good experience and a fun challenge."


Robert PascuaArtist: Robert Pascua
Grade: 12
Title: Family Portrait
Artist's Statement: "With the pandemic and its isolations, art has been one of the few helpful things to regroup and recollect from what is going on in our world. The piece I made is a family portrait inspired by the Beatles album cover "With The Beatles" for my parents' 19th wedding anniversary."


Kaelyn AndrewsArtist: Kaelyn Andrews
Grade: 12
Title: Limitless
Soft pastel
Artist's Statement: "For this piece I wanted to make it sentimental towards what has impacted my life since I was young. I wanted to create something about a pair of pointe shoes because dance displays my comfort and well-being, as well as it dedicates the importance of my own journey that dance has given me throughout the years. This piece shares my overall thankfulness towards the strength and positivity I have been able to appreciate since the beginning that has led to some of the most influential experiences that I will never leave behind me."


Ryanna LaurieArtist: Ryanna Laurie
Grade: 12
Title: Her Child
Gouache on board
Artist's Statement: "Gouache painting of outspoken singer/songwriter ZHEANI, who speaks her mind and shows her vulnerability."


ChloeEnglertArtist: Chloe Englert
Grade: 12
Title: Dancing Queen
Pencil crayon painting
Artist's Statement: "Live Abba performance out of my friend's basement."


Rayna DixonArtist: Rayna Dixon
Grade: 11
Title: Untitled
Pencil crayon painting
Artist's Statement: "An extreme closeup of a cat in a sunny window, created with pencil crayon and solvents."


Alyssa KonarzewskiArtist: Alyssa Konarzewski
Title: Untitled
Artist's Statement: "I wanted to challenge myself by drawing some of the elements in this reference. I was intrigued by the pearls, the reflections and the curly hair."