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LETTER: Bobcat services went above and beyond for doing our crescent


Just have to give a shout out to Brooksy and his crew at Ryson Bobcat services.

They diligently came in to our crescent and in a very speedy fashion removed and bladed all our snow. There was no interruption to getting in and out of the crescent.

Also, I was suffering from a backache that day and was trying to shovel my driveway down to the cement. I managed to push the snow as far as I could. One of the crew came by and asked me if everything was okay. He must have seen the exasperation on my face!

I said 'well, I'm just trying to get the snow out of my driveway for you guys as quick as possible.' Then, to my surprise, he came in and removed all my snow plus he did my neighbour's driveway on top of that!

Hard to find that kind of service these days! Obviously, that's not the norm and I did pay him $20 for his extra time.

Cam Bourque, St. Albert