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LETTER: Perspective on COVID-19

1212 Holtby letter

I am currently reading Heather Morris’s book “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” which tells of a young 15 year old Jewish boy yanked from his home by the SS. He is sent by cattle car on a three day journey with standing room only to Auschwitz. As he speaks several languages he is given the assignment of tattooing all incoming prisoners, many of them young men and women. As they want to keep him healthy he receives a full bun a day along with morning gruel.

Reading of these terrible atrocities, it brings me shame to imagine I am hard done by having to isolate for a year. I am surrounded by all the conveniences one would ever imagine. Certainly my wife and I who are in our 80s would love to hug our children, grand children and great grandchildren again but this situation will pass. We are indeed blessed.

Ted Holtby, St. Albert